Requirements and Expectations

To be eligible to participate in Kennesaw State University Upward Bound/Math Science program’s the student must:

  • have completed the 8th grade but not yet the 12th grade
  • have a need for academic support in order to pursue a program of Postsecondary Education
  • have either a low-income family and/or be potential first-generation college student

Students are selected based on recommendations from teachers and counselors, thoughtfulness  of personal statements, and staff observations from interviews.

In addition to meeting the minimum qualifications for admission into the program, Kennesaw State University Upward Bound wants students who are committed to education and the benefits associated with receiving higher education. Students must be dedicated to striving towards academic excellence in order to maintain an active status in the program, and students must have positive attitudes and open minds ready to be enriched by all that the program offers.