Educational Outreach and Family Involvement

Educational Outreach and Family InvolvementKennesaw State - Paulding offers Educational Outreach and Family Involvement opportunities for public school students in kindergarten through 12th grade in Paulding County and surrounding areas. These engaging activities include math, science, and reading activities to enrich skills of students in grades K-5; activities that prepares middle school students and their parents for high school by explaining the differences between middle and high school, high school and post-secondary education, the importance of study skills, the impact of the Move on When Ready Program, and how it relates to them; workshops for high school students and their parents that which focuses on soft skills training covering such topics such as healthy lifestyles, how to seek help when needed or not needed, and how to communicate effectively with an instructor, just to name a few.

Paulding Circle K and MembersKennesaw State - Paulding believes that every child, regardless of background, should have the same chance at making a positive impact on his or her community. We provide this opportunity by eliminating the critical barriers to success that many of our children face, thus putting them on a path to:

  • Reading proficiently
  • Graduate from high school
  • Receive higher education and
  • Become globally competitive professionals


GHC & KSU Paulding Circle K  

The GHC and KSU Paulding Circle K Club was founded in 2015. This club provides an opportunity for GHC Paulding and KSU Paulding students to fellowship and serve in a common university club. Our Circle K Club is sponsored by the Lost Mountain Kiwanis Club. Paulding County’s Circle K is dedicated to serving the community. GHC and KSU Paulding Circle K members utilize fundraisers to raise money for projects that impact the people within the community. Thus far, the members of GHC and KSU Paulding Circle K Club raised toys and book donations valued over 25K to provide reading books and Christmas gifts to children in need.




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