Paulding Circle K and MembersCircle K International, (CKI), the largest university service leadership organization in the world, performs half a million hours of service each year. CKI clubs are organized on a university campus and sponsored by a local Kiwanis club. A self-governing organization, CKI clubs elect their own officers, conduct their own meetings and determine their own service activities. CKI blends community service and leadership training with the opportunity to meet other students.

GHC & KSU Paulding Circle K  

The GHC and KSU Paulding Circle K Club was founded in 2015. This club provides an opportunity for GHC Paulding and KSU Paulding students to fellowship and serve in a common university club. Our Circle K Club is sponsored by the Lost Mountain Kiwanis Club. Paulding County’s Circle K is dedicated to serving the community. GHC and KSU Paulding Circle K members utilize fundraisers to raise money for projects that will impact the people within the community. In December of 2015, the members of GHC and KSU Paulding Circle K Club raised money to provide Christmas gifts to children in need.

GHC & KSU Paulding Circle K Founding Members

  • Kayla Anderson *
  • Carol Taylor *
  • Ashley Waters *
  • Kayla Beth McClung *
  • Whitney Boring
  • Khalil Jones
  • Wesley Lahens
  • Randi Langley
  • Meaghan Lee
  • Keenan Lewis
  • Suzie Madrid
  • David Martinez
  • Lauren Morrow
  • Ian Murray
  • Marquis Nixon
  • Chrysanthus Nkengfack
  • Cory Norman
  • Alyson Pfrimmer
  • Ashley Phillips
  • Mary Turner
  • Greg Vernet
  • Darrel Wilson


  • Dalton Lemelle
  • Anita S. VanBrackle