Network for Student Success

The Network for Student Success provides support teams from diverse backgrounds committed to helping students succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and professionally.  The Network for Student Success features both a professional success coaching and peer-coaching program that is designed to promote student success at KSU Paulding through increased acceptance rates into students’ intended majors and increased college graduation rates. Its mission is to increase student engagement, academic achievement, retention, graduation, and strengthen a campus culture focused on student success through offering tools and tips to university stake-holders who interact with students everyday.

The program is geared toward accomplishing specific academic and personal goals that are focused on the students’ overall development. The Network for Student Success is optimized for and most beneficial to the Georgia Highlands Colleges students who have identified interest in the “2 + 2” Program at KSU-Paulding.

Peer Success Coaching

Peer success coaching provides incoming 2-year college student graduates with opportunities to meet one-on-one with trained Peer Success Coaches (PSCs) throughout their entire transition period from their final semester of their 2-year college, into their 1st semester attending KSU-Paulding. Communication will be over email, phone, text, social media—whatever works best for the student—about important milestones and deadlines related to registration, financial aid, and other elements of the transition period.

Peer Success Coaches are outstanding upper class students who have demonstrated student success as a KSU student and who are eager to share their success tips with our incoming transfer students engaged in Success Coaching. 

Peer Success Coaches serve in a valuable leadership role providing peer-to-peer support to students during one-on-one meetings focused on the visions and goals of their assigned students, which is to become a KSU Owl. Based on personal experience, acquired knowledge, and individual successes our Peer Success Coaches provide information, resources, suggestions, and direction that will assist the incoming 2-year transfer graduates with achieving their lifelong dream of becoming a 4-year University student.  PSC will maintain meeting logs reflecting student meeting outcomes, progress, and celebrated successes!

Professional Success Coaching

Our Professional Student Success coaches are always armed with the right resources to help busy adult students achieve their academic goals within and beyond the classroom. Together they will create an academic and engagement plan, and set goals for obtaining the 2-year degree and to provide a pathway to transition into becoming a KSU Owl.  Information related to a variety of student development topics pertaining to majors, leadership development, internship planning, career planning, and overall student success will also be provided.

Students will experience a trusting environment, increased awareness of their interests and abilities, increased awareness of decisions that promote goal achievement and success, increased awareness of decisions that hinder goal achievement and success, openness to new possibilities and options that can result in goal achievement and success.

Group Success Coaching will also take place with students to further the benefit of students connecting with other students who have similar goals. Group coaching offers peer bonding and camaraderie that develops positive student connections that often increase personal accountability to remain focused on goals, achievement, and success. Students have the opportunity to learn from one another and to share feedback from personal experiences that can be helpful to a student seeking successful navigation strategies for any given situation. Group coaching focuses on similar student goal achievement paths and welcomes student partnerships to complete action plan steps. Students enjoy interacting and working with peers who share common interests and are also working toward student achievement and success.

Meet your Peer Success Coaches