Network for Student Success

The Network for Student Success provides support teams from diverse backgrounds committed to helping students succeed academically, socially, emotionally, and professionally.  The Network for Student Success is created from the KSU Paulding Site's Partnership with the Federal Work Study Program, and provides KSU students with the opportunity to take part in a professional success coaching and peer-coaching program that is designed to promote student success. Its mission is to increase student engagement, academic achievement, retention, graduation, and strengthen a campus culture focused on student success through offering tools and tips to university stake-holders who interact with students everyday. For more information on the Federal Work Study Program at KSU, click here.

Here are our awesome Federal Work Study Students and Success Coaches who make KSU TRIO Programs a true force for community outreach.


  • Ashley Stitt

    Ashley Stitt

    Ashley works with the students of East Paulding High School as a tutor, where she helps TRIO students with their school work and advises them in their college and career pursuits. Ashley is a senior a Kennesaw state studying International Business/marketing. 

    • Jacob Parker

      Jake Parker

      Jake works with the students of Hiram High School as a tutor, where he advises TRIO students and helps them with their school work. Jake is a Senior at Kennesaw State where he is an International Affairs major with a focus in Russian area studies and Russian language.

      • Alexius Gartrell

        Alexius Gartrell

        Alexius works with the students of East Paulding High School as a tutor and academic advisor. She is a senior here at Kennesaw State with a major in Exercise Science with a minor in Spanish. After graduation, she plans to work and then prepare for graduate school.

        • Thao Nguyen

          Thao Nguyen

          Thao grew up in Marietta, Georgia. She is pursuing a Master's of Science in Computer Science at Kennesaw State University and she is the first person in her family to graduate from college. She chose to work for Upward Bound so that she can help students at Hiram High School reach their academic goals.

          • Brian Lin

            Brian Lin

            Brian is a Mechatronics Engineering major at Kennesaw State University and serves as a tutor for all students of the KSU Paulding TRIO programs.

            "No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite." 

            - Nelson Mandela

            • Brittany Smith

              Brittany Smith

              Brittany is a third year student at KSU working on her bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. She plans on graduating in May of 2021. Her assistance is given to the students of the Hiram Upward Bound program.

              • Ashley Phillips

                Ashley Phillips

                Ashley attends Kennesaw State University with a Journalism and Emerging Media major. She works as an activity assistant for Hiram High School's Upward Bound program, and she enjoys working with students and helping them grow to reach their goals in life.

                • Priscilla Pita

                  Priscilla Pita

                  Priscilla is originally from New York City, where she earned her B.A in Political Science and International Relations. She worked in the finance and travel industries in Manhattan before deciding to pursue her M.S in Conflict Management at Kennesaw State University, placing her on a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion career path. She works with the students of the Polk Upward Bound program.

                  • Cynney Walters

                    Cynney Walters

                    Cynney is a Pre-Med, third-year biology major at Kennesaw State University. She is an outstanding student who also enjoys contributing to research and helping out in her community through her work tutoring the students of the KSU Paulding TRIO programs!

                    • Azageet Haile

                      Agazeet Haile

                      Agazeet is an undergraduate Anthropology major with a minor in international affairs at Kennesaw State University. For her future, she intends to focus on anthropological research about cultural and societal subjects. Outside of her education, she likes to play video games and read comics. She works assisting the students of the Polk Upward Bound program.