Bachelor of Science in Integrative Studies

The Integrative Studies Program (INTS) is a unique combination of courses from various academic areas, which consist of Leadership, Criminal Justice, and Psychology that will be offered at the Paulding Campus. Along with these courses, if qualified, you will have the opportunity to obtain a Leadership Studies academic certificate, with an emphasis in Psychology, or Criminology, or both. You will work with an advisor to customize a plan to achieve your academic and career goals while working towards a Bachelor of Science degree. You will also perform an internship that will be related to your career interests.

Integrative Studies Brochure (PDF)

Choose the Track that’s Right for You

Specialized Studies Track (2.5 GPA required for admission)

This track allows you to select an emphasis in Criminal Justice or an emphasis in Psychology and possibly complete the Leadership Studies Academic Certificate (if you successfully meet the certificate criteria).  Program total will consist of 123 credit hours.

General Studies Track (2.0 GPA required for admission)

This track will consist of two areas of emphasis in Psychology and Criminal Justice along with taking leadership courses.  Program total will consist of 123 credit hours.