Academic Year/Summer Component

Upward Bound and Math Science offers an Academic Year component in which students receive supplemental instruction in academic, cultural, and social areas, as well as a Summer Component – a six-week instructional program during the summer. All services are provided through a federally funded grant and are free to the participant.

Academic Year Component

Students receive numerous services that enhance their social and academic development, including:

  • Instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, foreign language and other subjects necessary for success in high school
  • Academic, financial, and personal counseling
  • Exposure to cultural events
  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Assistance with postsecondary opportunities.

Summer Component

Participation in the Summer Component is for Upward Bound and Math Science Students only. During this component, students receive the services offered during the Academic Year in addition to:

  • Career work-study and exploration
  • On the campus of Kennesaw University-Paulding Campus for six weeks
  • Enrollment in courses taught by college instructors to receive a true college experience

UB Math Science Grant

Throughout the year, students participate in highly motivating math, science and engineering activities during the Academic Year component and Summer Non-Residential component.

The Academic Year component will focus on academic instruction/tutorials for all participants on the state mandated assessment tests to ensure passage of participants by the exit level. The curriculum includes activities designed to further the development of each participant by keeping them engaged and focused on their individual College to Career Portfolio. Each participant will have a progress plan created to help generate academic skills and motivation necessary to prepare program participants to receive a score of proficiency in subjects in preparation for college enrollment.

What is the cost?

It cost participants NOTHING to attend the academic year activities. Covered expenses include round trip transportation to and from home, meals, and field trips. In addition, a monthly stipend is given for student participation in all activities during the summer component.

Is it all classwork?

The program offers laboratory and research experiences, computer technology, career development, study skills, and social activities. In addition, participants are exposed to scientific and career related facilities.