Peer Success Coaches

  • David Eduardo Martinez

    Major: Psychology

    Hometown: East New York, Brooklyn

    Interests: Photography, Motivational Speaking, Fashion

    Why you want to be a peer coach: Many people say that dreams can be deterred by others.  I want to give students the idea and motivation that they can become great.  My career as a student and a leader started off with doubt and over the years has become a dream come true.   The reason why I’d like to be a peer coach is to be able to reach masses of people in a positive way to give them an outlet to become great.

    • Laura Morrow

      Majors:  Psychology

      Hometown:  Dallas, Georgia

      Interests: Running, reading, hiking, camping, cooking, drawing, etc.

      Why you want to be a peer coach: I would love to be able to help other students succeed, and that might sound like an obvious answer, but in all reality it is true. I care a lot about helping others progress further in their development and self-esteem. Sometimes people just need a little guidance and motivation to truly see what they are capable of. A big part of being a peer coach, in my eyes, is being informative. I believe if we are able to inform our fellow peers with the right information to succeed, I am sure there will be less of a chance of students taking the wrong classes for their majors. I just want to be able to help my fellow peers understand their full potential and be the best that they can be.

      • Christine Smith

        Major: Psychology

        Minor: Leadership

        Hometown: Hiram, GA

        Interests: Spending time with friends and family, giving back to the community, and trying all things new that do not involve macaroni and cheese.

        Why do you want to be a peer coach:  To give back. Through my peer success coach I learned that getting through the application process was just a small part of being a KSU Owl. My coach helped guide me from being interested in KSU to attending the first day of classes, assisted in getting me a job in the Work Study program, introduced me into clubs, and even continues to check in and offer any help or advice I may need throughout the semester. Without having that much support and guidance from a peer coach I would not be where I am today. By becoming a peer coach, I will be able to give back what my coach had graciously given to me, as well as continue to show how Kennesaw stands apart from other colleges.

        • Erin Tinnell

          Major: Early Childhood Education

          Hometown: Acworth, GA

          Interests: Elvis Presley, movies, music, hanging out with my family and friends, good conversations, helping people, good food, cooking, art, camping, hiking, swimming

          Why you want to be a peer coach: To help people. My peer coach helped me with the process so much and was my lifeline, I’d like to be able to do that for someone else.

          • Mary Turner

            Majors: Psychology

            Minor: Criminal Justice

            Hometown: Marietta, Georgia

            Interests: Reading, writing, singing, spending time with family, research, trip taking.

            Why you want to be a peer coach: Peer coaching is important to me because as a student myself, I know what it can feel like when you have no one in your corner. College can be hectic, and we all need to have someone to talk to when we’re unsure. I think peer coaching is a great answer because sometimes professors and advisors can be hard to relate to, and we all need someone that we’re comfortable with on our team!